Night of Creative Minds in Cottbus


REINERT LOGISTICS presents itself at the Nacht der kreativen Köpfe (Night of Creative Minds) in Cottbus for the first time, welcoming over 600 guests

For the 12th time, event locations in Cottbus open their doors from 6 pm to midnight for exciting experiments, join-in activities, exhibitions, workshops and lectures under the motto “Klüger über Nacht!” (Smarter Over Night). Select businesses and institutions shared their knowledge on the topic of ‘Business and Digitalisation’ and provided a look behind the scenes.

Cottbus 6 October 2018 – This year, REINERT LOGISTICS for the first time joined this illustrious circle of regionally and nationwide known businesses and institutions that each year take up the cause of introducing their daily activities to a broader public.


#ndkk digital – Logistics embraces digitalisation

Over 600 visitors at the Cottbus branch of REINERT LOGISTICS could see for themselves that digitalisation has long since found its way into the logistics industry. The public learned about a logistics provider’s current challenges at five different stations. The focus was on the company’s most important employees, the REINERT PILOTS, who at each of the individual stations kept on astonishing the various guests with their know-how.

Amongst other things, visitors had the opportunity of acquainting themselves with the various vehicles in the REINERT fleet including the versatile digital safety assistance systems. At the same time, the REINERT PILOTS could talk about the manifold dangers in their daily routine, especially with respect to the blind spot. Another highlight was the REINERT PILOTS’ description of the challenges in securing every single cargo; depending on the cargo and lorry there are various means that ensure both the safety of the transported goods and that of all road users.

In addition, the tablet that is a feature on every lorry has significantly contributed to accelerating everyday life at REINERT LOGISTICS. It not only enables pilots to communicate with dispatchers and colleagues, it also bundles various tailored tools, such as a pallet app, a petrol station app and much more, which are available in real time – a service that goes down well with customers in times of just-in-time or just-in-sequence supply chains.

The programme was complemented by an information stand where interested visitors could find out about the manifold opportunities for vocational training and the various occupations as well as a children’s driving course and crafts corner for the youngest visitors.