“Balance to the job” – In our company, too, several employees have for years been actively playing ice hockey in the LEL, a hobby ice hockey league in Upper Lusatia.

They have been quite successful, winning 3 championships in 2010, 2011 and 2012. Yet for all sportive ambition, fun in playing ice hockey and finding a balance to a hard day at work are clearly the main focus here.

In summer 2004 the time had come: the ice hockey club THE BLUE TRUCKS Weißwasser e.V. was established. This provided the requirements for joining the Landskronliga league for the first time.


“Tradition with a future” – a 75-year-old tradition is to represent the region nationwide also in the future.

Dynamic, quick-response, with a lot of strategy and circumspection: the main characteristics of this team sport are a perfect match to the objectives in our customer-oriented logistics business.

This is why we support the Weißwasser e.V. junior team and the professional team Lausitzer Füchse in the 2nd Ice Hockey Bundesliga (national league) with enthusiasm and conviction.

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“The DEL Record Champion” – Once rivals, now allies in providing opportunities for junior players.

The top-class ice hockey club Eisbären Berlin has been a cooperation partner of the Lausitzer Füchse since the 2017/2017 season. This cooperation at professional level allows junior players to transition to the professional league.

This is why we support Eisbären Berlin in the DEL (German Ice Hockey League) with enthusiasm and conviction.

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“Powered by Passion” – This slogan perfectly describes the REINERT Racing Team around crew chief and driver René Reinert. Work on the truck racing project is a continual process reflecting the same passion and huge commitment that over the course of the past 26 years has helped to build up REINERT LOGISTICS, a logistics company that comprises 750 lorries and 1,300 staff.

Over two decades of experience in the fields of transport and logistics as well as innovation and communication are ideal prerequisites for the successful implementation. The REINERT Racing Team was able to secure the best possible support from Team Hahn Racing and the current European champion Jochen Hahn.

The race truck, newly built by Hahn Racing, is constantly being maintained and further developed in a cooperation that has been set up for three years. Jochen Hahn himself has taken newcomer René Reinert under his wing, providing personal support. Owing to various training sessions, advice on the race course and a shared data engineer, the path was clear for a successful start into the 2012 racing season.

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Stronger together! For children with a terminal illness!

We have been supporting the Kinderhospiz Mitteldeutschland Nordhausen e.V.  (children’s hospice) with an annual #donation in the context of the ‘Spenden statt Geschenke’ (donations instead of gifts) initiative since 2014. This important charity supports affected families throughout Germany.

As a loyal supporter we know how precious each shared day is for over 40,000 affected children and youths and their parents, siblings and grandparents. Laughing together, cuddling, talking and simply being together are the irretrievable memories that remain forever. We wish to make just these memories possible for the families with our donation. We say: “Thank you for this incredible commitment! Keep going!”

We support a good cause with this donation and at the same time refrain from giving gifts for customers and partners.

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We are a supporting member of DocStop für Europäer e.V.

The registered association DocStop für Europäer e.V.

The registered association DocStop für Europäer e.V. was established to improve the en route medical care for all bus and professional drivers on trans-European transport routes. Planned as a European pilot project, the founders aim at contributing to road safety and creating a humane workplace for all bus and professional drivers in the transport industry.

Site Network – Here you will find all sites providing medical care. Call the hotline 0800 03627867 for more information!

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Our Santa arrives with 600 HP – The original American and illuminated REINERT LOGISTICS Christmas truck, complete with Santa himself, brings festive cheer.

Our US truck goes on a big Christmas tour in the run-up to Christmas and makes many children happy at regional daycare centres and social institutions.

An unforgettable experience for all ages.

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